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Adhesives & Sealant Formulation, Rubber Compounding &

Polyurethane Foam Formulation

Rubber Compounding and Plastic Expert: Thermoplastic/Thermoset

Examples of over 100 formulas developed and improved in the rubber and plastic field:

  • Abrasion resistant silicone rubber

  • EPDM rubber insulation for roofing

  • EPDM rubber insulation for industrial cables in the petroleum field

  • EPDM, NR and NBR rubber compounding for jacketing and insulation for industrial cables

  • Nitrile oil resistant O-Ring

  • Gasket, clutch damping, acoustic damping rubber for automotive applications

  • Water resistant seals and piston seals

  • SBR compound for soles and heels in shoe applications

  • Windshield NR wiper

  • Compounded EPDM, Butyl, SBR, NR, NBR, Nitrile rubbers for several applications

  • Nitrile rubber compound for water damping

  • Troubleshooting on the production lines for a number of PVC projects for several applications: cables, toys, curtains, erasers to improve mechanical, physical, and processing properties of the products



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